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Thursday, October 05, 2006

Off to the Shed

Welcome to my first posting.

So what's this all about?


I have a 2 1/2 year old little girl, a wife that works from home, and a lack of work space in the house for sanity.

Peace and a calm working environment can only be found by retiring to the Shed and working from there. However, my present shed is full of what all sheds are full of, bikes, mowers, half tins of paint and numourous boxes of useful things I can't find a use for just yet.

So I need to build a new shed for me and work, another to store wood, and another for all the really useful stuff.

My blog will outline the problems and progress of this project. Hopefully it might even offer help and guidance, as a result of the numorous mistakes I am bound to make in the construction of it.

The present space is 3.6m x 2.7m and surrounded by walls on three sides.

The Aim
  • A low cost, insulated, low energy office and workshop space
  • Comfortable for working and relaxing in
  • Warm, dry and light
  • Self build

So there you are, if you're interested, come back and visit and watch progress through the winter as buiding and fit out continue.

Hopefully, it might help others with their projects and sourcing materials and give ideas on how you can get a shed you can call home!


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