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Friday, October 06, 2006

That's me in the corner

As it's raining, there is little shed development activity today.

Just a bit of background on how I got to needing the Garden Office (Dad's Shed).

I'm presently sitting in the corner of the living room in our home in the north Cotswolds. This is "my" office.

We moved to the Cotswolds from Brighton four years ago. We realised that whilst Brighton was still happening and on the up, we were slowly sliding over the hill. Once you reach 35 your ability to dance in nightclubs declines and skinny fit t-shirts are labled "medium".

So we packed our bags and moved to a country estate, and are now living in a deer park with views of the river and have deer poo on the doorstep, different to the dog poo and seagulls of Brighton. Both my wife and I work largely from home and we only have one office. This makes for a sometimes tense atmosphere when we are both having onesided conversations on the phone or trying for " a little thinking time".

To compound these issues we had a baby two and a half years ago. And whilst she is a lovely happy little girl you don't always need her joining in your conversations with civil servants and clients, or "helping on the computer"!

It was therefore decided that I should be banished/move to the shed/caravan/garden office. This on the ground that it would give our little girl more space to play, my wife a quieter working environment, and get me out of the house!

So that's where we are today. We have a hole where the old shed was. I have a garage full of "useful things, looking for shed two and piles of logs looking for a store. And we are at the beginning of October.

The Plan

  • Have a dry covered space by the end of the month
  • Finish insulating and flooring by end of Novemeber
  • Electrics and lighting sorted by mid November
  • Decorated and heating by Xmas
  • Working Garden Office by January

Join my blog and watch these timescales slip. It may seem a long time but the shed is just one of a number of projects, some of which require weekends in France.

Off to work know. RR


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