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Thursday, October 19, 2006


When you can't be doing, plan!

I still haven't sourced a decent supply of hardwood for the outer cladding of the new garden office (now its offical name). This has enabled me to think about a project plan, checking the need for planning permission and thinking about construction and design details. I might even draw some plans! Hopeful not.

It looks like I don't need planning permission as I am replacing an existing structure, in the same location, to a similar specification. I'll post a link to the numerous sites offering planning advice tomorrow.

On the design front I have decided to try and make the final building as sustainable as possible. I am going to heat it by using a woodbourning stove (recycled from ebay), using wood I have cut locally. I also intend to use a solar panel and battery system to power a 12v LED lighting system and use an inverter for the 240v appliances. This means it won't need any external power or heating sources.

On a different front it is good to read all the data on changing working habits, and a move to more homeworking and flexible lifestyles.

At the present rate by 2030 we'll all be sitting in our sheds, in our dressing gowns, growing beards, listening to radio two and writing blogs on how to make money from e-commerce. It could be worse!


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