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Friday, October 20, 2006

Technical Bit

It's not in my nature to consider things too long before I do it. However, given the garden office is going to be my main dwelling for at least 8 hours a day, five days a week I have decided to break habits of a life time, and do some planning.

Firstly, heating.

We live in a location that gives us a limitless supply of mature, seasoned wood. Therefore the shed must be heated by a wood burning stove. I intend to get something off ebay as this will be recycling, and also cheap? However, I feel the need to ensure the stove is big enough to heat the place to a comfortable temperature during the winter.

The way to work how many Kw of stove I need is to take the cubic footage of the room and divide by 500 = Kw (kilowatts). I found this in an old physics book in the family library (a series of boxes in the loft) I have therefore concluded I need a stove rated at 1.5Kw,...........or not very big.

Given the small space, I am going to see if I can get an old stove with a boiler chamber, and run a radiator into outside toilet to keep it from freezing up in the winter. This will hopefully use some of the extra energy produced by the stove during the day.

On the electrical front I am going to get a 20w polar panel and use this to maintain some heavy duty 12v batteries. I intend to then light the garden office with a 12v LED system. This will have a very low demand on the batteries and will enable me to run a 150w pure sine wave inverter. This will let me run 240v appliances off the battery. This will only be a laptop, radio and mp3 and speakers, so it should work better than our dodgy rural electricity supply.

Any comments on the above proposals would be appreciated.

I'll try and scan a floor plan soon to show the layout of the luxury pad I propose building.


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