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Thursday, November 23, 2006

Carbon Neutral/recycle/Tight?

Having spent the last month trying to source sustainable hard wood for the cladding, at a price that is affordable, I am now rethinking the design of the office.

The frame is now going to be constructed of treated soft wood with oak cladding. This will reduce the price but hopefully will mean that the external cladding will protect the frame without the need for priming undercoating and painting, and hopefully will last three times as longing.

All this timber can be supplied from British forests and sustainable woodlands.

On the recycling front I have found that Habitat shop fittings have been a good source of materials. We have a wooden Xmas tree from two years ago, and whilst as a student our entire house was entirely carpeted with reindeer carpet! This year they have cerise and cream (looks like a raspberry ripple) non-slip flooring. This has already been sourced and will be used on the floor as the journey to work is via an often wet path.

On homeworking it is good to see all the positive reasons people give for moving to this working lifestyle. However, none seem to recognise he benefits of napping in the afternoon!


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