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Monday, February 12, 2007

Things to remember when starting a selfbuild

Well, as you can see there appears to have been little activity recently.

This is a result of a serious lack of planning in the prebuild stage.

Things to remember if building you own dadflat/home office.

1. Never knock down your wood store and shed before replacing them first. Now our wood is wet and all tools and essential "things" are in a garage half a mile way.

2. Never start building in December. Short days, cold evening, lots of rain.

3. Never leave a structure un-fitted out. It soon collects junk that has to be moved in and out every time you want to do something.

So where does that leave me?

Well, I'm just starting to build the woodshed and new garden shed, so that the wood stays dry and I can get at tools and garden stuff.

The office has a roof, but also a new hole in the wall for the wood burning stove. I have ordered a wool insulation and will install this to reduce condensation. I have also discovered that the main wall foundations are 4inches deep and that water just runs under the wall and into the office. This means I am also going to have to dig a french drain to allow the water to soak down deeper and under the office, but thats not too big a problem.

On the up side the days are getting longer and the chickens are laying so many eggs we might be able to trade them for some manual labour.

I'll post some new photos tomorrow.


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